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Who we are

KeyStone Financial only does one thing. We provide personal loans in the amount of $200 – $5,000 to hard working people. KeyStone Financial, LLC is independently owned and operated with a combined 75 years of consumer loan experience between our employees. We are licensed by the state of South Carolina to do small loans. You’re not just a number with us and we don’t have to comply with corporate credit departments. All loan decisions are made at each local office. We make loans to individuals with a wide variety of financial situations, from the most credit worthy to those with less than perfect credit. We make loans from $200 – $5,000 to help you with a small personal loan, bill consolidation, home improvements, medical expenses, vacation, back to school expenses and more. Just ask us. We welcome the opportunity to listen and discuss in private your own personal loan needs and we do it with a smile. You can count on our experienced staff to help you get the cash you want and need. Stop by or call our office and talk to us about your loan needs today. Discover the difference a loan from KeyStone Financial can make in your life.

What we do

We provide personal loans from $200 – $5,000. These loans are ideal for assisting in small purchases, unexpected expenses, establishing credit, or re-establishing credit. Cash for almost any purpose is available with quick same-day service. We generally can have you an answer within 15 – 20 minutes and close the same day. Our personal loans are affordable with low monthly and bi-weekly payments to fit any budget. Your loan and personal information is always confidential at KeyStone Financial. Call to apply by phone today. You may also visit one of our offices in person to apply.

Why choose us

Locally owned and operated
Local underwriting No loan committees or corporate credit departments
Upfront, honest and transparent
Fair and competitive pricing
Superior Customer Service
State licensed and regulated
Customers are always treated with respect and fairness
Approval in minutes. Get your money the same day
Many loan options available to fit anyone’s budget

How to apply

You may apply by calling or visiting one of our offices to apply in person. This process generally takes less than 15 minutes. Once you are approved, you can complete the closing of your loan online or visit one of our local offices. You will need to provide proof of your identity such as a drivers license, income verification as well as address verification. Once your loan is closed, we’ll either deposit your loan funds directly into your checking account or give you a check to deposit. We will make the process as simple, quick and painless as possible. Let us get a loan started for you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received what appears to be a live loan check in the mail. Is it legit and what do I do with it?

Yes, it is legitimate. You have received one of our live checks. These are sent to the most credit qualified customers. By signing and cashing, you are agreeing this is a loan and you are agreeing to the loan terms on the attached disclosure. You simply need to deposit it into your banking account at your local bank. Please call our office with any questions.

When I deposit a live check can it be rejected and returned?

Yes. We can return a live check if any information on the back of the check is incomplete, we cannot verify your identity and/or your credit has deteriorated since the time we pulled your credit and you no longer qualify for the offer.

What types of loans does KeyStone make?

Personal loans from $200 - $5,000. Loans are made for a variety of reasons including bill consolidation, back to school expenses, vacation, medical, everyday expenses and any other worthwhile purpose.

Does KeyStone offer any credit insurance products?

Yes, we offer life, disability, unemployment and property insurance. These are optional products. We will discuss the benefits with you and clearly disclose costs and impacts to your payment. Your loan decision will never be based on whether you choose to purchase insurance products or not.

Are there a lot of fees involved in getting a loan?

No. Very minimal fees. Generally a $18.75 non-filing fee and other nominal municipal fees when applicable. We never charge any type of upfront origination fees.

Is collateral required to get a loan?

Depending on the type of loan you are requesting and credit requirements, there may or may not be collateral required. If we do require collateral, it’s generally household items such as TV’s, lawnmowers, etc.

How do I make a payment?

You may make your payment online by clicking “make payment”. You may also call your local office and pay by phone. You may also visit your local office as well as mail payments to the local office. We also have the option for you to sign up for recurring monthly or bi-weekly payments to come directly out of your checking account. Contact your local branch with any questions.

Are there other payment options than monthly?

Yes. To fit your budget and pay schedule you may pay monthly or bi-weekly

Are there any upfront costs associated with applying for a loan?

No. There is never any charge to apply for a loan.

Does KeyStone report to the credit reporting agency?

Yes. We do report payment history monthly to Equifax. For your free credit report, contact Equifax at 1-800-685-1111 or visit them on the web at

Can I apply on-line?

No, we currently are not taking applications online. You may call your local branch to apply.

What must I bring with me to close the loan?

1. A form of ID (i.e. Drivers License)
2. Proof of income
3. Proof of residency